Drawing the Soul Towards Truth: Hindu and Muslim Sacred Geometry: Opening Celebration

September 10th, 2020

Welcome address by Rachelle Syed, Guest Curator, a tour of the virtual gallery, and discussion with some of our artists.


Drawing the Soul Toward Truth: Interfaith Roundtable

October 29, 2020

Interfaith roundtable with Zahra Ammar, Sarah Mohr, Adriel Ramirez, and Laura Dunn.


Sacred Art as a Medium for Interreligious Dialogue

November 13, 2020

Academic panel welcoming Dr. Tazim Kassam, presenting "Singing Circles & Dancing Songs," Dr. Kathryn Barush presenting "A Pilgrimage of the Eye", and Dr. Vijaya Nagarajan presenting "Feeding A Thousand Souls: Sacred Geometries and Moral Ecologies." This panel discussion explores dimensions of sacred art as an impetus for interreligious dialogue and engagement.